EURENSSA 2017 is a collaborative effort. Countless organizations and individuals have contributed material, time, and ideas to make it happen. On this page we want to mention and link to some of the most important ones.

Organizations contributing to the EURENSSA 2017 programme are listed on the Programme Page.


Thank you to the EURENSSA Team who put so much voluntary work into realizing EURENSSA 2017!

No matter how long or how much you contributed, you are great!

Thank you Stefanie Berendsen, Taliah Dommerholt, Manuel Allgaier, Ruby de Hart, Martijn Gerritsen, Jesse Maxim, Jenny Eder, and Josua Münch.



The Cultural Free haven ADM is for almost 20 years an organic grown village, whose residents are living and working together. They transformed during this period a disused, derelict shipyard into a thriving Living Experiment, by sharing the space, visions and creations.

ADM is where EURENSSA 2017 will take place. We are able to make use of their space and many of their facilities for a very low price. Without ADM, we could not have afforded such low participation fees.

ADM is well known and appreciated by the alternative scene in Amsterdam. It is one of the spaces that makes non-commercial cultural and social activities possible in an otherwise highly commercialized city. Currently, ADM is under threat of eviction. Please consider signing their petition or donating money for their legal costs.


Taste Before You Waste

Taste Before You Waste is an initiative focused on the prevention of food waste that was founded in Amsterdam in November 2012. By picking up surplus food and using these goodies as inspiration and fuel for all their activities, ranging from Food Cycle Markets, Community Dinners and Educational Workshops to Event Caterings, Presentations and Donations to Charities they aim to raise awareness about the enormous amount of food that is thrown away and educate people about what they can do to prevent this from happening.

Taste Before You Waste is lending us their Bakfiets (Carrier Bike) and we can pick up food waste along their route while they are on their summer break.

Amsterdam University College

Amsterdam University College (AUC) is a Liberal Arts and Science College located in Amsterdam Science Park. Many EURENSSA 2017 organizers are alumni.

Amsterdam University College is providing us with some bicycles and a presentation space.

Plants Gone Wild

Plants Gone Wild is a small vegan catering business based in Amsterdam and Hamburg.

Jenny from Plants Gone Wild will give a vegan baking workshop at EURENSSA 2017. Jenny is also a E17 team member. Together with Jesse, she is making sure everybody will enjoy three delicious, vegan meals per day.

Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam

Since end of 2014 Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam is fighting foodwaste in a peacefull way, by saving fruit and vegetables from being wasted.

Guerilla Kitchen is providing us with a lot of vegetables of which we will make a delicious community dinner on Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Kas Kantine

KasKantine 2.0 is an urban farm and food cooperative where members produce and enjoy local food and fight against food waste.

We will visit the Kas Kantine on Wednesday when we cook a community dinner together with Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam. They also supply us with material to built a rocket stove for cooking at our conference location.

Individuals who helped in some way or another: Margo Moutarde, Jacob Adriani, Sophie Smeets, Nano Rodriguez, Tim Römer, Gerrol Hoogvliets, Bep Schrammeijer, Ivan Reznikov, Lena Schinkel, Pontus Ambros, Attila Katona.

Also thank you to the University of Amsterdam for the free WiFi =)