Late Application process

  1. Read the information on this page
  2. You cannot save the application form (it's a google form). Therefore, take a look at this preview  and write down the answers to the long questions in a separate document. You can later quickly copy-paste them in the google form. 
  3. Fill in your e-mail address and click 'Get Application Form'
  4. Fill in and submit the application form. Use the contact form for any questions that are not answered on this page.
  5. After submitting, check that you got the confirmation e-mail. (Check your spam folder too!)
  6. Whitelist and in your e-mail programme.
  7. We will get back to you within a few days 



Who can apply?

All students and PhD students studying or doing research in environmental sciences or sustainable development. Students from other fields are welcome, too, as long as they show strong interest in urban environmental/sustainability questions or are actively involved in environmental causes. As the number of participants is limited to 30, we will select applicants based on the following criteria (not in order of importance):

  • originality and relation of presentation topic to the conference theme (abstract)
  • contribution to the conference (if any)
  • country of origin (we want to include many nationalities)
  • level of studies (we want to include Bachelor, Master, and PhD students; for bachelor students we will give preference to students in their senior year)


Participation Fee

Amsterdam is an expensive city, and camping on a public camping place and food alone cost 144€ per person per week. However, we want to keep this conference accessible for everyone, so we do our best to keep the costs low and ask for a "solidarity participation fee" of between 80 and 170€, depending on country and personal situation. Recommended minimum contribution ranges from 90€ for low-income countries (generally Eastern-Europe) to 130€ for high income countries (generally Western Europe). See the application form for details.

The participation fee includes:

  • basic accommodation (camp site with facilites, bring your own tent and gear)
  • three meals per day
  • workshop materials
  • excursions (including transport)

It does not include travel costs from your home country to the conference and back. For that you have to make your own travel arrangements. Unfortunately, we are not able to grant any funding for participants, but we recommend to ask your university. Many universities have a budget for students that want to speak at conferences.

Please note that your application is binding once you receive an acceptation letter from the EURENSSA 2017 Team (by June 1st). If you are selected you have to pay the participation fee by June 15th.


Payment Methods

For people with bank accounts in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), the easiest way for you to pay and for us to receive the participation fee is to transfer to our Dutch bank account.

We can also accept paypal and moneygram transfers. However, these companies will charge transaction fees which you have to cover. For example, a payment with moneygram of 100 € will cost you an additional 12 € transaction fee.
More detailed information about how to pay the participation fee will be included in the acceptance letters.


Participant Presentations

Every participant is expected to prepare a presentation about their research or an interesting topic they came across during their studies. Your presentation should be related to the conference theme 'Building the sustainable City'. Every participant gets a 20 minute time slot to give their presentation and lead a brief discussion. We will have a projector and a laptop that you can use.


How to fill in the application form

The application form is a google form. If anything is unclear after reading the paragraphs below, use the contact form.


We ask every applicant to write an abstract of their presentation. The abstracts are the main criterion by which we select participants. Our intention is to create an interdisciplinary learning experience without loosing the focus on urban areas. Therefore, we will give preference to original topics with a connection to urban issues.


If you want to give a workshop at EURENSSA 2017 please specify this in the application form. If we think the workshop fits in, we will take this into account in the selection process.


Application Deadline

We will accept applications until May 22nd, 2017.


What else you should know

  • We expect all participants to help out with practical matters such as cooking and cleaning during the conference.
  • The facilities are basic. You will sleep in tents, shower temperature depends on the sunshine, and toilets are compost toilets. For more info about the conference location see this blogpost 
  • Make sure you have sufficient health insurance coverage. Get a European Health Insurance Card (if you are insured in the EU or Nordic Countries) or otherwise a travel insurance. 


We are looking forward to your application!