Meet the team: Taliah

Meet the Team: Taliah

Hi Folks!

My name is Taliah and I’m a proud member of the logistics team (which is currently in need of members so please apply now). I’ve never attended a EURENSSA event, but I listened to Stefanie rant about it enough to know that it was something I wanted to become a part of. The student-run structure and general down-to-earthness of the progamme reminds me of a grassroots leadership training I attended back home (SPROG- Student Sierra Coalition), and I’m super excited to be part of something so tremendous (thank you Mr. Trump, for reintroducing this dated word back into our vocabulary. Dumbass.)

Anyway, to briefly introduce myself, I recently obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Amsterdam University College in environmental policy and earth science (notice a theme??). I’m now taking a gap year, which has thus far involved working at an organic grocery store, interning with a couple of environmental organisations, and some occasional traveling. I’m also trying to plan a month-long hiking and/or biking holiday in a location with moderate heat and nice views. I hope to start a Master’s next September in something related to rural sustainable development and agroecology, and would eventually like to work in the NGO sector. I also love animals and hope to have many pets.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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