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my name is Josua and I'm one of the Co-Chairs of Eurenssa 2017. The first time I heard about Eurenssa was in May 2016, two days before the application deadline for Eurenssa 2016. I was about to graduate from college and was looking for a summer activity in a place I hadn't traveled to, when Stefanie, who was studying more or less the same programme as me, told me about Eurenssa. I applied, got accepted, graduated, and hitchhiked to Belarus. For some reason I had mixed up the dates and arrived one day early, but the wonderful Team of Eurenssa 2016 welcomed me in their homes and I could help them with some of the last minute preparations. I enjoyed the time in Belarus a lot and when Stefanie told me she wanted to organize Eurenssa 2017, I got on board.


at Eurenssa 2016 in Belarus

Now you know how I got to know Eurenssa. What else is there to say about me? If you want the short version you can check out this brief description, for the long version you'll have to wait until we meet in person 😉 Let me just tell you what I'm up to besides organizing Eurenssa 2017. After graduation I decided not to continue with a master programme right away. Instead, I travelled for some weeks in Eastern and Northern Europe and then returned to Amsterdam to start a new initiative called Hitch2Help. After organizing some fundraising events I hitchhiked to Greece to volunteer in a refugee camp and donate the money I had collected to various organizations helping refugees. In the new year I returned to Amsterdam to work on Eurenssa and my master applications. I enjoy checking out locations for the camp and creating this website but I think it is way too cold in Northern Europe at the moment, so when this post is being published I'm most likely already somewhere in South East Asia 😉



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